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With Flower Shop: Big City Break, be prepared for increasing action!
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Flower Shop: Big City Break is an excellent time management game
that requires quick reflexes and concentration, and offers in turn breath-taking action and lots of fun. The action takes place at Meg’s flower shop, where several types of customers arrive, demanding different flower bouquets. What you have to do is to help Meg serve her customers, while at the same time taking care of the flowers, that is, plant the seeds, watering them, wrap them, etc.
The objective of the game is to keep all the customers satisfied so as to make Meg’s business bloom. But this is not always easy, since some of them are very impatient and do not like waiting!
The key of this game is time; the faster you perform all the activities, the better. First, a customer shows up and ask you a flower, then you go and plant the right seed, and when the flower is grown you wrap it and deliver to the customer. These are basically the activities to do. The problem is that new and impatient customers start to appear, and serve them all is not an easy task. It is this increasing action what makes the game really worthy.
On the other hand, the game is visually impressive, very detailed, colorful and with excellent animations. To sum up, Flower Shop: Big City Break is great, fun and demanding at the same time.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Breath-taking action
  • Fun
  • Beautiful graphics


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